Sean Hart cannot believe he started taking classes at the UCB Theater when he was just nineteen years old. Since then he's played with a the innovative Harold team Fwand, founded the "controversial" improv group Shit-Storm, and starred as a MC Freshy Fresh in the revival of The Real Real World. Sean also wrestles as "Uncle" Eddie Edison in UCBW Cage-Match and announces as JB "The Bookie." He won the UCBW InterContinental Heavyweight Championship on two different occasions.

Sean has appeared in several commercials for such wonderful products as Axe BodySpray, Radioshack, Palm Centro,, ESPN/Dr. Pepper, and a few others. He went to the prom as a recurring character on As the World Turns, getting to wear a fluffy blue tuxedo. He also guest-hosted G4's Attack of the Show and also co-hosted Fuse's The Nighttime Clap.

Sean can be seen doing standup in various places around the city. He strongly encourages you to follow him on twitter where he attempts to be funny and sometimes relevant.


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