Kathy Salerno is a humor writer and performer based in New York City. She is currently a writer on the UCB sketch team Stone Cold Fox. She also wrote for the great, great UCB Maude team Fambly, a team called "delightfully loony" by The New York Times. During her year with Fambly, she co-wrote a 30 minute sketch show about the Sting song, "Brand New Day," one of her most creatively rewarding accomplishments. Kathy also writes Internet videos for the UCB Beta team, Horse+Horse. Other credits include writing for UCB's Sketch Cram and the first ever Video Sketch Cram, a show comprised of comedy videos written, shot and edited in a less than a day. She has also contributed to McSweeneys.net and her sketches have been featured on the awesome sketch comedy podcast Left-Handed Radio. Kathy performs around NYC in the indie improv group 8 Girls Harold and in the sketch duo Kathy and Emily, with Emily Altman.


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