Jake has been a student of UCB since 2008, and has had his cat Lemon since 2009. Jake co-created We're Gross with Gilli Nissim, a late night talk show the third Thursday of the month at UCBFranklin, and it is without a doubt his crowning achievement. It took him eight years to get on Harold night, and once he wore a tuxedo to his callback and shit the bed. He is now on the Harold team Bitchin' for the second year and he couldn't be happier. He hopes this is encouraging to you hungry improviser. He can be heard every week on the podcast The MEAT Improv with Josh Simpson and LA's greatest comedians! He is regularly aghast to find himself playing along his comedy heroes as part of Puddy. And twice he played with Last Day of School. And so now he is dead and this is his obituary. Written by his ghost.