Jessica has been a musical theater nerd since fetus-hood, and is thrilled to be singing and joking with the best. She studied improv with fabulous teachers like Ari Voukydis and Kevin Hines in New York, and Allan McLeod and Johnny Meeks here in LA. Jessica began her improv adventure as a part of UC Irvine's award winning improv troupe "Live Nude People (With Clothes On,)" and has performed all over the country in shows like "Reefer Madness," "Forbidden Broadway" and "I Love a Piano." She has performed her one woman show "I Cleaned My Room, Am I Grown Up Yet?" throughout LA, and is taking it to NY next. Add in some webseries and a penchant for impersonations, and you have Jessica in a nutshell. Please help her, she's stuck in the nutshell.