Ryan Stanger's comedy roots can be traced back to his college football playing days at the University of California, Berkeley where he hilariously fumbled on the 1yard line in a televised game against ASU. At the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre he performs every Friday night at 8pm as a member of the house team Bangarang! On TV most recently you know Ryan from BROOKLYN NINE-NINE and ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING. He has appeared multiple times on CONAN on TBS and numerous times on COMEDY BANG! BANG! on IFC. You may have also seen him on the ADULT SWIM NETWORK appearing in NTSF:SD:SUV:: and starring in the GOTH FITNESS INFOMERCIAL. Ryan was in the second season of HBO's FUNNY OR DIE PRESENTS, THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF DAVID AND JENNIE. He also appears regularly on the FUNNY OR DIE website in their exclusive and branded content. He starred in one of FUNNY OR DIE's first exclusive web-series, SPACE SPRING BREAK. Ryan also had the good fortune of sharing the screen with David Carradine in the film GOLDEN BOYS just before he died of autoerotic asphyxiation. His other UCB stage credits include HAROLD NIGHT, SUPER TEAM, SKETCH CRAM, MAUDE NIGHT, NOT TOO SHABBY, QUICK & FUNNY MUSICALS, LETS DO THIS!, CAGEMATCH and THE DEL CLOSE MARATHON www.RyanStangerComedy.com


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