Ryan Hitchcock is an actor and writer from Los Angeles, CA. He is one of the co-hosts of The Cagematch at UCB. He is represented commercially by DPN Talent and has booked spots for Southwest Airlines, Jack in The Box, Geico, Dollar Shave Club, and Sweetgreen, to name a few. He also performs around Los Angeles with the Story Pirates. Ryan's other UCB credits include Harold Night (Nomi Malone, Solid Gold Forever, Mister Town City, Maude Night (TUT), Spoiler Country (host/producer/writer), UCB Tourco, and a bevy of Spanks, sketch shows, and bit shows. He took part in The Laugh Factory Hollywood's first-ever (and last-ever) sketch comedy showcase, which spawned a semi-viral video that YouTube still recommends to people to this day.


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