Ryan Hitchcock is a Los Angeles baby who improvises on the UCB Harold Team Nomi Malone. Other UCB credits include Solid Gold Forever (Harold Night), Mister Town City (Harold Night), TUT (Maude Night), Spoiler Country (host/producer/writer), UCB Tourco, The Star Wars Expanded Universe Funeral Celebration, Dad Talk, UCB Cagematch, UCB Sketch Showdown, Sketch Cram, Teddy Roosevelt's Presidential Funk Pad, and playing the once-in-a-lifetime role of Mark Twain in Van Gogh Dating. Outside of UCB, he's been on IFC's Comedy Bang! Bang! plus spots for Geico and Five Hour Energy, co-hosts the show Where Eagles Dare at The Clubhouse, has performed at various comedy festivals, and took part in The Laugh Factory Hollywood's first-ever (and last-ever) sketch comedy showcase (it's a fun story--ask him about it sometime).

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