Ele Woods is an actor and writer who loves to laugh. Ele has been featured in sketches on Jimmy Kimmel, Funny or Die, Buzzfeed and College Humor as well as the MTV Movie Awards. She can also be seen on American Princess (lifetime) The Good Place (NBC), Adam Ruins Everything (TruTV), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW), Drive Share (Go90), Take My Wife and the UCB Show (SeeSo). Ele is a writer for the upcoming Adult Swim show, Birdgirl! She is also a member of the UCB Diversity Program, The Striking Viking Story Pirates, and is great on a pair of skates. One time she made out with a skull in an Off-Broadway play and Variety Magazine called her wonderful. She's been holding on to that for a while. Follow her on twitter: @EleWoodsPHD.

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