Joel Jensen is a writer, director, producer, and performer from Iowa. He can currently be seen performing at UCB Franklin on Harold Night with The Dragons. He is the co-founder of Denizen, an ad agency and production company specializing in video. He's won 7 Webby Awards for branded and independently created content. His videos have notched hundreds of millions of views online and been featured on major international TV and web outlets like ABC, NBC, CNN, ESPN, MTV, FOX, NPR, Wired, Mashable, as well as the Reddit and YouTube front pages. Joel has been hailed as a "hero of the internet" by TIME magazine for co-creating the Tiny Hamster series. He and his partners have been profiled in New York Magazine, The Washington Post, and LA Weekly. Joel's first children's book, "Tiny Hamster is a Giant Monster" was published by Simon & Schuster Press in June 2015.


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