Livia is an actress and comedian named "One of our favorite female comedians" by The Huffington Post, along with Amy Schumer, Amy Poehler, and Sarah Silverman. In collaboration with former producers of The Onion News Network, she's the creator, head writer and star of The Livia Scott Sketch Program ("One of the best & most imaginative shows in the city." -The New York Times) which ran for 3 years at the UCB Chelsea theater and she's proud to be an actor on Maude Night with the team Cha-Cha. You'll see her in the upcoming season of Difficult People on Hulu, sometimes in spots on Comedy Central, VH1, Above Average, College Humor, and currently on HBO movies on demand - WOWWWW!!! - where she pulls a Peter Sellers by playing multiple roles in "National Lampoon's Dirty Movie" directed by Christopher Meloni. Her music video "I Like You Better On Facebook" was featured everywhere including the front page of Funny Or Die and called "Funny as hell!" by her hero Adam McKay.


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