Leila Cohan-Miccio is a New York-based comedy writer. Most recently, she wrote for too-beautiful-for-this-world NBC comedy Next Caller. She is the co-creator/writer of Vag Magazine, a web comedy that goes behind the scenes of a hipster third-wave feminist magazine. Vag Magazine has been written up everywhere from Salon to the New York Observer. Leila also wrote UCB shows Pig: A Restaurant and This Is About Smith and co-wrote The Bachelor: Romance, Roses, and Romance, a one-act play about ABC's The Bachelor, which is a normal thing to write a one-act play about. Leila is proud to have written for UCB teams High Treason, Stone Cold Fox, and The Punch. Leila is a proud Smith alum, a wicked Masshole, and better than you at Jeopardy.


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