As we get closer to reopening the UCB Franklin theater this fall, we are excited to announce the new Artistic Director team who will handle all programming and casting decisions at the theater:


Christine Bullen

Travis Coles

Raiza Licea

Dan Lippert


Christine Bullen has performed at UCB on both coasts as a member of Maude, Characters Welcome, and weekend team Squadron. Festival credits include: JFL New Faces Characters, Comics to Watch, & SF Sketchfest. She’s performed several solo shows at UCB and elsewhere, including her recent show Ties which ran at Dynasty Typewriter. She is beyond excited to be reopening UCB Franklin this fall.

Travis Coles is an alumni of UCB, having performed on Characters Welcome, Maude team The Audacity, weekend team Squadron, and Queerworld. His TV credits include: Liza on Demand, David Makes Man, Superstore, and commercials galore. He loves comedy and he’s super pumped to be back in the community. Diane Keaton called him “brilliant” after a UCB show once, so no, he’s not chill anymore.

Raiza Licea is an actor, writer, and alumni of UCB where she performed with Harold team Dicaprio. She is the founder of Spanish Aqui Presents (SAP), the biggest Latine/x variety show in the US. Her on-screen and writing credits can be found on IMDB & every once in a while she might pop up in a commercial. She has a sweet 3 point shot and is constantly working on making her free throws because BALL IS LIFE!

Dan Lippert has performed at UCB with his Harold team Winslow, his sketch and improv team, Big Grande, and Asssscat. His podcast credits include: The Teacher’s Lounge, Mandogpod, and regular guest appearances on Comedy Bang Bang and improv4humans. On screen he’s been in Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin, Son of Zorn, Workaholics, Superstore, and American Princess.