2024 SNL x UCB Scholarship Winners Announcement


We are happy to announce eight winners of the 2024 UCB x SNL Scholarship Program! In our review of hundreds of applications, these writers and performers stood out as brilliant students, boundary-pushing creatives, and bright members of our community.


Congratulations Alison Williams, Chine Ikoro, Deric Brown, Jacques Chevelle, Joseph Olsen, Josh Lee, Malika Bhowmik, and Shannon Gisela!


To learn more about the UCB x SNL Scholarship Program you can visit our scholarship page: https://ucbcomedy.com/ucb-snl-scholarship/





Alison Williams is a comedy writer, teaching artist and sometimes performer from NYC, but newly based in LA. She’s written on indie sketch collective BoogieManja teams: Electric Mouse, Dropout Kids, and Scrunchie, and most recently on Gold Comedy digital team No Worries If Not. She studied sketch and improv at UCB.


​​Chine Ikoro is an actress and comedian based in Brooklyn. Before becoming an actor, she was the founder of a tech startup (living her Nigerian immigrant parents’ DREAM), but when the existential dread kicked in, she left the startup world to pursue a career in comedy and hasn’t looked back.


Deric Brown, is an African American stand-up comedian, writer, and improviser from Northern Virginia, has recently established his base in Los Angeles. He is celebrated for his distinctive style of abstract observational humor.


Whaddup!! I’m Jacques Chevelle from Hot-Lanta (Atlanta, Georgia). I  started in comedy performing farcical characters in Shakespeare’s plays. My family, queerness, and life inspire my comedic voice. During the day I’m saving lives and dealing with “code browns” by the pool by night performing around LA with my team Penny Arcade.


Josh Lee (he/him) is a Korean-American writer and standup comedian. He writes comedy horror and performs sketch for Calamity Chowder. Besides being really really funny, he snowboards and plays the marimba.


Joseph Olsen has been performing short and long form improv comedy for 11 years. He’s worn many hats on stage from pianist to set designer. In his free time, Joseph loves reading comics and writing music.


Malika Bhowmik (she/her) is an Indian-American writer/performer based in New York City. An alumni of UCBNY’s improv and sketch writing programs, she currently is creating comedic art that amplifies the South Asian experience. She works as a psychotherapist in her day job, where there’s no shortage of comedic inspiration. 


Shannon Gisela began her journey into acting via UCB-style improv, having performed all over the southeast region during her time studying Psychology at the University of Central Florida. Instead of going to graduate school as originally planned, she moved to LA in 2021 and now professionally plays pretend.