Improv 101: Improv Basics

The fundamentals of Improv and UCB's unique perspective on comedy. An ideal starting point for anyone new to UCB!


Why Take Improv 101 with UCB?

Whether you want to be a stronger performer, are looking to enhance your public speaking, or just looking to have fun, Improv 101 is a great place to start! This class serves as a comprehensive introduction to the UCB's unique take on comedy focused around the "game of the scene."

Led by world-class instructors using a proven curriculum, The Upright Citizens Brigade aims to give students the tools they need to develop their comedic voice in a supportive, collaborative environment


Perform in Front of a Crowd

This class will culminate in a fun, celebratory class show, which students can invite friends and family to.


This class does not have any prerequisites and is the perfect place to start your journey at UCB!


What You'll Learn

Fundamentals of scene work

Building trust and support with your scene partners

Active listening and agreement

Playing to the top of your intelligence

Building a strong base reality

Improv 101

Included with Registration

Standard price

What You Receive

Included in tuition for Improv 101, students at UCB receive the following benefits:

  1. Eight 3-hour sessions with professionally trained instructors
  2. Access to student standby to see almost any show for free depending on availability
  3. A class show in front of an audience at the end of each course

Improv Program Overview

Improv 201: Game of the Scene

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