Improv 201: The Game of the Scene

Build on the lessons from Improv 101 by learning to identify and play what's funny in a scene.


Finding The "Game of the Scene"

Improv 201 at The Upright Citizens Brigade builds off of the concepts learned in Improv 101. This class focuses on refining and expanding the fundamental skills learned in the previous level and introducing new concepts such as editing, group scenes, emotional engagement, and more.

The class emphasizes identifying and playing the "game of the scene," a core concept in UCB improv. Students learn to recognize patterns and comedic themes within scenes and how to heighten these elements for maximum comedic impact. This principle helps students create scenes that are not only funny but also intellectually engaging.


What You'll Learn

How to find, identify, and play the game of the scene

Scene editing techniques

Second beats and how to initiate with premise

Using support to elevate scenes

How to emotionally commit to your characters


Perform in Front of a Crowd

This class will culminate in a fun, celebratory class show, which students can invite friends and family to.


Students must have completed Improv 101 at UCB prior to registration.

Improv 201

Included with Registration

Standard price

What You Receive

Included in tuition for Improv 201, students at UCB receive the following benefits:

  1. Eight 3-hour sessions with professionally trained instructors
  2. Access to student standby to see almost any show for free depending on availability
  3. A class show in front of an audience at the end of each course

Improv 101: Improv Basics

Improv 301: Harold Structure

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