Whether you’re looking to learn the craft of improv or just want to get started in comedy, our improv program is a great place to start! Students will be introduced to the UCB concept of “game” in comedy and develop their scenework over the course of our program.


Learn UCB’s unique approach to writing with our Core Sketch Program. Through the concept of “game” and with feedback from instructors and classmates, students will write their very own comedic scenes. The program culminates with students writing and producing their own sketch comedy show.


Demystify the world of television writing by diving into one of UCB’s many TV writing courses. From taking an idea and turning into an original pilot to writing a spec script for an existing show, our instructors will break down the process. Each student will walk away with their very own scripts!


Nail that next audition by honing a variety of different acting skills. Whether your focus is for commercials, film or the stage, our acting class can give you the tools you need to take your acting to the next level.



Each advanced study course is instructor-driven. Students will study Long Form improv and will receive personal feedback about their own performance and progress as improvisers.



This is a writing and performance class focused on creating original characters that students can use on stage, in showcases or even reels. Students will learn to take ideas from conception to stage and put up 3-4 minute performances of original characters.