Whether you’re looking to learn the craft of improv or just want to get started in comedy, our improv program is a great place to start! Students will be introduced to the UCB concept of “game” in comedy and develop their scenework over the course of our program.


Our performance electives offer the chance to dive deeper into a more specialized form of performance. Students can take workshops focusing on comedic acting, character work, storytelling, and even advanced improv workshops! 


Begin with our core sketch program to learn UCB’s unique approach to writing. Through the concept of “game” and with feedback from instructors and classmates, students will craft their very own comedic scenes. The program culminates with students writing and producing their own sketch show.


Sitting on the next big idea? Take a writing elective led by instructors working in the industry! UCB offers a variety of different longform writing courses ranging from creating original pilots, writing for animation, creating pitch documents, and more!

We’ve updated our Training Center system! If you haven’t registered since 2022, you will need to create a new account to enroll. Learn more here.