Writing Electives

ONLINE Pilot Writing

Write a comedy pilot.

8 - 3-hour Sessions

ONLINE TV Spec Script Writing

Write a spec script for an existing show.

9 - 3-hour Sessions

ONLINE Writing for Animated Television

Develop your own animated show

8 - 3-hour Sessions

Performance Electives

Advanced Improv - Forms

This class will focus on giving students experience in multiple forms of improv.

8 - 3 hour sessions

Advanced Improv - Simplifying Game

This class will focus on demystifying and clarifying what we mean when we talk about "playing the game."

8 - 3 hour sessions

Advanced Study Harold

Harold focused advanced course.

8 - 3 hour sessions

Advanced Study Harold: Different Harold Styles

Different Forms of Harolds Each Week

8 -3 hour Sessions

Advanced Study Harold: Non-Traditional Harolds

Focus on Alternative Harold Formats

8 - 3 hour Sessions

Advanced Study Improv: LaRonde

Advanced Improv Course Focusing on the LaRonde Form

8 - 3 Hour Sessions

Character 101

Writing and Performance class focused on creating original characters.

8 - 3-hour Sessions

Creating a One Person Show

Create Your One Person Show

8 - 3 hour session

Game Refresher

Game Refresher

4 - 3-hour Sessions

Improv to Acting

Taking improv and translating it to film and TV acting.

8 3-hour Sessions

Listen For Laughs: Intro to Clown

A Weekend Workshop in Clowning

Two 4-hour days

ONLINE Acting 201

This acting class is the next level for working on your craft

6 - 2.5 hour sessions

ONLINE Acting Coaching

In these video sessions we can work on monologues, character pieces, sketches, scenes, auditions.

8 3-hour Sessions

ONLINE Advanced Study Harold

Harold focus advanced course.

8 - 2 hour sessions

ONLINE Advanced Study Improv

Advanced Study Improv - Character LeRonde

8 - 2.5 hour sessions

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