Paul Scheer

Paul Scheer has performed at UCB since 1997 and was a part of the very first UCB Harold team, Gigantic Man. He went on to co-found the improv and sketch team Respecto Montalban in 1999, which performed weekly together and was known for their award-winning show George Bush is a Motherfucker (co-directed by Adam McKay). Paul then moved to Los Angeles where he started the long-form show MySpace that eventually became Facebook and ran every Wednesday night at the theater until 2020.

Paul is a SAG Award-winning actor, writer, podcaster, and director. He co-created and starred in Human Giant with Aziz Ansari and Rob Huebel. He also was the creator and star of the Adult Swim show NTSF:SD:SUV::. He starred in FX’s The League, ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat, and Showtime’s Black Monday. In addition to these shows, he produced The Real Housewives series on Hulu and took his decade-long running UCB Show Crash Test into a special for Comedy Central. You can hear his award-winning podcast, How Did This Get Made, and Unspooled wherever you get your podcasts. His upcoming book will be released by Harper Collins. Paul also writes for Marvel and DC comics.