Monika Smith

Raised in Toronto, Monika began modeling internationally in high school until she realized she also likes food and smiling. Monika is an actor/writer who has toured with The Second City, was the Artistic Director at Nerdist, and performed at UCB on numerous harold teams, a maude team, and more house teams than can fit in this bio. With over 40 TV credits and more than 2 handfuls of unseen network pilots, you can also catch Monika pranking celebs for 3 seasons on Punk’d. Monika has written for a bunch of comedy websites, has a movie she wrote coming out next year, and walks her dog daily. You can see her perform one of the only solo improv shows regularly at theatres and festivals around town. You’ve now read the name Monika 6 times, didn’t see that coming when you started this bio did ya?



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