John Ross Bowie

JOHN ROSS BOWIE has over 100 credits in TV and film, including: “The Big Bang Theory,” (11 seasons as Barry Kripke) “Speechless,” (3 seasons as Jimmy Dimeo) “Fresh off the Boat,” “Episodes,” “Brooklyn 99,” “House of Lies,” “Heroes” at least two “CSIs,” Jumanji: The Next Level, He’s Just Not That Into You, the Heat, and the cult oddity What the Bleep do we Know? He has performed on stages from Texas to Alaska. In 2022, he published No Job For A Man, which Publishers Weekly called “smart, pithy memoir with an earnest emotional arc.” He has been performing at UCB since 1998, and can often be seen in SUPERMARRIED, the two person improv show with his wife, the polymath Jamie Denbo.