Joey Clift

Joey Clift is a comedian, TV writer, and enrolled Cowlitz Indian Tribal Member. He went to college to be a local TV weather person, because as a kid he didn’t see any Native American comedians on television which led him to believe he wasn’t allowed to work in comedy. Over the years he’s learned that’s absolutely not true and he’s written for many shows and projects including Spirit Rangers on Netflix, New Looney Tunes on Cartoon Network and Molly of Denali on PBS. He also created, wrote and directed “Gone Native,” a Comedy Central digital series about weird racial microaggressions Native American people often deal with, and his award-winning short films have screened everywhere from Just For Laughs to The Smithsonian Museum. Most importantly, he started the LA Underground Cat Network, which is a 16,000-member strong Facebook group for Los Angeles comedians to share pictures of their cats. He’s kind of a cat guy.