Greg Roman

Greg Roman is an irrationally confident douchebag who has appeared at UCB on MAUDE NIGHT (Nephew), HAROLD NIGHT (Cheeks, Hearsay), and CHARACTERS WELCOME (as both a performer and a director). In 2022, you might have seen him playing an irrationally confident douchebag as one of the leads in the movie DIVORCE BAIT (Samuel Goldwyn Films), or also in the films MENORAH IN THE MIDDLE (Hulu) and WHITNEY HOUSTON: I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY (TriStar Pictures). In 2023, you can look for him in the revival of the Starz series PARTY DOWN (he plays an irrationally confident douchebag), the festival film JACK & LOU: A GANGSTER LOVE STORY (he plays an irrationally confident douchebag), and the wildly popular streaming show THE CHOSEN (he plays a very humble nice guy – just to mix it up). Past favorite roles include guest stars on BONES, CHUCK, and THE MENTALIST (and yes, he displayed irrational confidence in all of them).



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