Evan Altshuler

Evan Altshuler has been comedy person with varying degrees of relevance in New York City for over a decade. At UCB, he’s been a Senior Producer on digital teams Cardinal Goose and Pocketwatch, Writer for “Night Late,” and Performer in many shows including, “Hint! A Murder Mystery,” portraying the big dog himself – Kelsey Grammer. You can currently catch him improvising every Lloyd Night with The Board!

Evan is also a McSweeney’s contributor and the producer behind “Live Dubbed Sitcoms,” a NY Times Critics Pick, and “The URDB World Record Appreciation Society,” which was featured on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” Perhaps most appropriately, his on-camera TV credits include IFC, TV Land and OWN. Evan would love to direct your sketch show or coach your improv team, so please reach out to him right away!

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