Emily Maya Mills

Emily Maya Mills is an LA comedy person and San Francisco native. She’s written and performed hundreds of shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre– as a member oof several Maude teams, a standup and a character actor. The LA Weekly once called her solo show, “…a sagacious autopsy of the frailties and foibles of life,” and asked, “Could Emily Maya Mills be the next Carol Burnette?” (Um. No.) She’s been a series regular on Disney’s Right Now Kapow and appeared on Orange is the New Black, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Key & Peele, The UCB Show, Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Birthday Boys, Parks and Recreation, Harry’s Law, Crash and Bernstein and a bunch of commercials. Recently, Emily earned an MFA at USC and has directed several award winning shorts. She now lives in Burbank and plays a fictional version of her husband’s wife on the podcast, Valley Heat.



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