Charlie Mihelich

Charlie Mihelich is a writer and improviser from Southern California. He is the creator and host of CATHARSIS: DRAMATIC IMPROV at UCB, wrote for the Maude teams Donatella and Thirst Trap, and was a member of the Mess Hall (now Lloyd) team Yacht Club. He is the writer of several feature films, including “Infamously in Love” (2022), “A Royal Christmas Surprise” (due in 2023), “Love on the Vineyard” (due in 2023), and the upcoming thriller “The New Killer in Town” (2024), as well as episodes of the scripted podcast “Little Stories Everywhere” from Wondery. He also co-hosts the podcast “Baywatch Watch”, a Baywatch re-watch podcast, with fellow writer and improviser Zach Olsen. He lives in Eagle Rock with his fiancé, Alex, and their very good dog, Koffey.

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