Chad Westbrook

Chad Westbrook is a queer writer/actor/performer based in LA. Chad has been a proud member of the UCB community since 2016 as a member of the inaugural Characters Welcome team. He was a performer on the Maude team The Audacity for three years before then moving on to host/produce/write his own sketch and character shows. Outside of his stage work, Chad works as a writer for the family friendly sketch show, Studio C. His drag persona, Stepmom, won Bad Drag Race at the Dynasty Typewriter. But good luck catching a glimpse of her, because drag is hard and expensive and sweaty, albeit fun as hell. You can catch him at various shows at UCB, including the monthly improv show Queerworld. He’s aware that he’s taller than you expected. He’s also aware that his name has a country-club energy, but trust and believe, he does not. He would love to chat your ear off about drag, estate sales, video games, or whatever you wanna talk about… ugh ok he’s just realizing he’s monopolized this interaction. Yikes. Ok, how are things with you?



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Seeking Representation

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