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Griffin, David and guest host Producer Ben present a special episode this week: a discussion of 1995's action thriller Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. But is it true the co-founder of CAA and former Disney president, Michael Ovitz, bet he could make even a stocky Aikido teacher with zero acting experience a star? Does Hollywood make these b-list midsize action movies anymore? Is Steven Seagal our quietest action hero? Together the trio examines New Zealand director and journeyman Geoff Murphy's career, Eric Bogosian's performance as the scientist gone bad, earthquake inducing satellites sponsored by the U.S. government and the original song written AND performed by Steven Seagal " After the Train Has Gone."Plus, share a Hamilton themed Burger Report, review Star Trek Beyond and what occupations Nic Cage said he would like to portray. Finally, remember dear listener that after this week's palette cleanser Blank Check will return with our new mini series covering the films of James Cameron!

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