Revenge Of The Podcast - Episode Six - Our Performance Review 3.0 w/ Chris Gethard

This week Griffin and David complete their performance reviews of the Phantom Menace trilogy with special guest Chris Gethard (The Chris Gethard Show, Iron Man 3). Together they examine Revenge of the Sith's entire cast and rate all the *major players-actor by actor. From unanimous MVP Ben Cooke as Kit Fisto to Jimmy Smits' portrayal of Senator Bail Organa getting a soft pass for "taking the girl" to why Silas Caron as Ki-Adi-Mundi (in one of his duel roles) kills it before being murdered and SO MUCH MORE! SERIOUSLY IT'S ALOT! How does this exhaustive in-depth look compare to some of the actor's rankings from the previous films? What line of dialogue is David Bowers best known for? What exactly is a salty ol' space dog? Plus, Chris offers new (and controversial) perspectives on the trilogy/NBA comparisons, justification for background players being good or bad and the many reasons why everyone hates General Grievous. *Much of the cast discussed have seconds of total screen time!?

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