On Being A Writer's Assistant - New Brain Panel

In an effort to bridge the gap between being a struggling writer in Los Angeles to being a big-time show runner on the TV show you've always dreamed of making, we're presenting a panel on what it is like to be a writer's assistant: a crucial job in the sphere of the writer's room. On a panel made up of both currently working writer's assistants and former writer's assistant now working as TV writers, we hope to to go in depth on the do's and don'ts of the job, the paths that lead to their position, and offer a Q&A session to provide advice for young writers still on their way up in the television writing world. Guests: Emily Towers (former Writers Assistant on Almost Human [FOX], former Show Runners Assistant on Believe [NBC], former Writers Assistant / Show Runners Assistant on Dan Mazer's pilot Love is Relative [NBC], writer on the Netflix animated series F is for Family); Caroline Anderson (current writers assistant on Comedy Bang! Bang!). The New Brain Panel series is held every Saturday on the Inner Sanctum stage at UCB Sunset in Los Angeles, CA. UCB Comedy hosts the third Saturday of each month. Other Saturdays feature panels hosted by the UCB Training Center and the UCB Diversity Program. To attend the please check http://ucbinnersanctum.com/schedule for the latest panel info and schedule.

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