Attack Of The Podcast - Episode Three - The Angst Of Anakin Skywalker

Well he's a teenager now: not in control of his emotions, hormone fueled, and in desperate need of discipline/a good spanking! So what does the Jedi council do? Well they put young Anakin in charge of protecting Padmé! You mean, an important Galactic Senator with multiple attempts on her life being guarded by a Padawan that is recognized as being a bit of a wild card? Sure what could go wrong? In this episode, your hosts Griffin and David metaphorically lock themselves in their bedrooms, blare their stereos and write bad poetry about how no one understands their pain, cause this week is a discussion of Anakin's character arc. Including, the casting and performance of Hayden Christensen, discovering your mother has been kidnapped by Tuscan Raiders and mass murder.

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