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Brimming with big characters, weird voices, and plaid jackets, €œHow Rude! explores the nooks and crannies of pop culture and the TGIF Television Years€ that you almost forgot, but are delighted to remember. Writer Caitlin Tegart delivers a goofy and smart show that allows the actors (dynamic-duo Timothy Dunn and D'Arcy Erokan) to play a variety of different wacky characters, ranging from crotchety third graders who are up-in-arms about the state of their lunch meats and state governments, to medical device salespeople from the Czech Republic, to the always-topical and very relevant career of Jennifer Love Hewitt everything you ever wanted in a sketch show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre! If you were born in the years 1976-1992 (or love someone who was), then you need to see this show. You might just win yourself a Garfield doll for showing up! Directed by Neil W. Casey.

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