Dirty Jeans & Thunderchief

Dirty Jeans & Thunderchief is the new comedy brainchild of Biz Ellis and Livia Scott, the renegade 1/2 of the sketch group MEAT ("One of the nation's best groups."-THE ONION). Separately and as a duo, they've appeared on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, CNN and Comedy Central. Sketchfest NYC marks the debut of their first full length show, chronicling a week in the lives of two 1970's housewives and their fantasy alter egos from the hit TV show "Dirty Jeans & Thunderchief." How do bananas, Jennifer Aniston, a Kenny Rogers slot machine and exploding cars fit in? Come and find out, Jive Turkey. Directed by Alex Pearl / Videos by Anya Garrett Special appearances by Chris O'Conner, Jon Friedman, Alex Goldberg, Todd Hanson, Aaron Kheifets, Stefan Lawrence, Arthur Meyer, Baron Vaughn, Greg Walloch and Reggie Watts. Thursday, June 13th @ 10PM.

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