Want to put up your show at UCBLA? We have open submissions for our Franklin stage!


The following tips are designed to help you think about your show as a whole and how to best reach new audiences. These mirror questions asked in the pitch document below. Remember, shows with a clear hook and marketability have a better chance of being selected for a slot at UCB!

Name of Your Show

Highlight your show’s premise (if you have one). Remember, the clearer you can make this in the title of the show, the easier this will be to market to new audiences. Be sure to think about what kind of show you are pitching. Is it musical improv, sketch, character? While not at all necessary, incorporating this into your show title can go a long way in differentiating your show.


Short Description

We currently use Eventbrite as our ticketing software. They implement a “Short Description” field that acts as a very brief summary for your show. Think of it as a 1-2 sentence elevator pitch where you lead with what’s most eye-catching. If you have a unique premise, a recognizable cast or a special guest, etc. this is a great place to state that. Be sure to use keywords to help audiences (and search engines) know what kind of show this is!


Detailed Description

Expand on anything you think would give your audience a clearer picture of your show. Go into detail about what your show will entail, list your past accolades, reviews, etc. This is also a great place to link to your website or social handles to drive people to your content.


Cast List

Provide confirmed performers now and update as you book the rest of your cast.



Can you and your team commit to promoting your show outside of the resources of UCB? While we will do our best to promote your show, we are simply unable to give any one particular show all of our attention. The marketing department is always available to help brainstorm and guide you. Feel free to include unique ways that you would draw an audience!


Great! You can fill out the UCBLA Show Submissions form here.