Empower Your Team with the Tools of Improv Comedy

UCB’s world-class instructors use improv and storytelling as a lens through which to train a wide range of professional skills. Our standard curriculum focuses on creative collaboration, better communication, active listening, brainstorming, presentational skills, and more, while generally improving participants’ ability to think on their feet. Improv fundamentals such as the “Yes-And” philosophy serve as a foundation on which to expand these and other professional skills. Additionally, our workshops are customizable and can be tailored to fit your exact training goals!


With options for both small and large groups, our sessions function equally well as standalone events or additions to existing seminars, conferences, and summits. Whether you’re planning a new employee orientation, a fun/silly team-building off-site for colleagues from different offices, a hardcore skills-intensive for company leaders, or perhaps aiming to use the power of improv to galvanize a sales team into reaching greater heights, UCB workshops are an ideal and flexible solution.


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Workshop Topics & Focuses Offered

Problem-Solving & Adaptability

Communication & Active Listening

Creative Collaboration & Brainstorming

Leadership & Taking Initiative

Teamwork & Trust

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Sales & Confidence in Client-facing roles

Client Engagement & Customer Service

Dealing with Difficult Clients