Lloyd Teams

Up and coming improv comedy featuring some of UCB's best and brightest performing "The Harold"


What Are Lloyd Teams?

Like Harold Teams, Lloyd Teams perform the improv form known as the Harold. Lloyd Night gives up-and-coming talent a temporary run to further hone their skills in front of a live audience. Team members are graduates of the UCB improv program who have also made it through a highly competitive audition process.


Lloyd Team Eligibility

Students who complete UCB's Improv 401 are eligible to attend our yearly Harold Team auditions, where they will also be considered for Lloyd Teams.

Lloyd Teams are similar to UCB's Harold program, with the difference that Lloyd Teams are programmed for an approximate 6 month run.
As a team member, you are expected to perform at a high level and demonstrate commitment to improving, but you are NOT expected to be perfect. Lloyd Teams will be assigned a UCB-paid coach and are expected to rehearse approximately once a week with their coaches. Team members must show they are open to notes from their coach and the Artistic Directors, and be willing to work at implementing those notes.

Harold and Lloyd Teams will be cast from the same audition, and eligibility is the same for both.


Los Angeles Auditions

Currently accepting submission for upcoming Harold and Lloyd Team auditions! In order to be eligible, students must have completed UCB Improv 401 or be enrolled in a 401 that has its first session on or before March 8th. Submission form can be found here.

New York Auditions

Submissions for New York house teams have closed.

For questions regarding eligibility please reach out to [email protected] (LA) or [email protected] (NY)


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