Announcing Spring 2024 Auditions for UCBTLA’s Harold and Lloyd Teams!


Please read this in its entirety. All relevant information should be answered below, so read thoroughly before asking that burning question!

***First round auditions will be held Friday 3/8 – Tuesday 3/12 and callbacks will be held Friday 3/15 – Sunday 3/17. These are the only audition dates.***




Harold Teams & Lloyd Teams perform the longform improv structure known as the Harold. Team members work toward an adept understanding of the Harold as taught by UCB, and must show a dedication to collaborating with their teammates in creating improvised comedy.

Harold and Lloyd Teams must be a priority for team members. Teams are expected to rehearse weekly in order to improve and maintain the quality of performances. Team members with a pattern of poor attendance or lateness will be removed.

Harold and Lloyd Teams will be assigned a coach by the UCBTLA Artistic Directors, and UCB will pay these coaches. This added production cost means the recoupment will be higher for Harold and Lloyd shows, after which performers will be paid a 50/50 split.

While every team member is expected to perform at a high level and demonstrate commitment to improving, you are NOT expected to be perfect. Team members must show they are open to notes from their coach and the Artistic Directors, and be willing to work at implementing those notes.

Each improviser on Harold Night supports their teammates via the shared language of UCB’s “game of the scene,” while continuing to boldly hone their own unique comedic voice as a performer and collaborator.

If you agree with these expectations, read on!




FIRST ROUND AUDITIONS: Friday 3/8 – Tuesday 3/12

CALLBACKS: Friday 3/15 – Sunday 3/17

We anticipate that teams will be announced the week of March 18th.

***You must have availability during both rounds of auditions to be considered. No exceptions.***



Auditions will be held at UCB Franklin and at the nearby UCB Bronson Training Center.



Harold and Lloyd Teams will be cast from the same audition, and eligibility is the same for both. All auditioners will be considered for Lloyd as well, but you can opt out of Lloyd consideration and it will not affect your eligibility for a Harold Team.

In order to be eligible, you must have completed UCB Improv 401 any time in the past OR be enrolled in a UCB Improv 401 that has its first session on or before March 8th.

There is no exemption form for this year’s audition cycle.




Please bring a headshot and resume STAPLED, NOT CLIPPED, together. If you do not have a headshot, bring a recent photo that clearly shows your face.

First round auditions will last about 20 minutes and follow this format:

  • Audience suggestion.
  • Three short, true monologues inspired by the suggestion. Each monologist is welcome to ”A to C” away from the suggestion to help generate a variety of information (and so your group doesn’t have to pull from 3 monologues about pineapple). Each monologist will be asked to stop at 60 seconds.
  • Three 2-person FIRST BEAT scenes (**without backline support**)
  • Three SECOND BEAT scenes. Second beats should be initiated by one of the same improvisers from the first beat (**on-game team support is welcome in second beats**)
  • We will edit all scenes.

Callbacks will consist of a full Harold.

The audition committee will consist of the UCBTLA Artistic Directors, and auditors with extensive UCB Harold experience.

You will be contacted by Friday, February 23rd with an audition time only if you meet the audition requirements.

Sign-ups will be open until Sunday, February 11th @ 11:59pm.


Thank you, and we can’t wait to see you crush it!