Brett White has been studying improv and sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre since October 2006. His past improv instructors have included Ari Voukydis, Shannon O'Neill, Joe Wengert, Michael Delaney, Chris Gethard, Porter Mason, Zach Woods, Kevin Hines, Gavin Speiller and Jordan Klepper. He has studied sketch under Chris Kula, Liz Cackowski and Neil Casey. He can sometimes be seen performing with the improv groups Iron Ruckus and Daddy. Brett was also part of the UCB Advanced Study Performance classes ImproVerite: The Documentary and the Macroscene. During his two and a half years as a writer for the Maude Team Thunder Gulch, Brett wrote more sketches about comic books and sassy ladies than previously thought possible. In addition to Maude Night, Thunder Gulch also produced the show "Pop Culture Apocalypse" as well as the annual Halloween spectacular (and "Saturday Night Live" parody), "Monster Night Live." Brett currently writes for the Maude Team Everything Rabbits. Brett is a former intern and page for The Late Show with David Letterman. In late 2006 he appeared on-air in a sketch with Letterman himself. He brings this up often, as evidenced by this bio. He also contributes to the websites Comic Book Resources and Topless Robot. Sketches from his college television show Fo' Show can be found on YouTube, as well as the two Star Wars movies he made on his 15th birthday. He played Han Solo and wore a Hawaiian shirt.


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