Katey Healy-Wurzburg is the host of The Fascinator at the UCB East Village Theatre. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hamilton College with a concentration Sociology and a minor in Anthropology, and is single-handedly proving the value of a liberal arts education. She became funny spontaneously at the age of 12 while in the midst of an emotionally earnest self-choreographed solo dance routine set to Annie Lennox's 1992 hit 'Walking on Broken Glass' at her middle school's talent show. She has been taking improv and sketch classes at UCB since 2006. Katey also performs stand-up comedy around New York and occasionally on the road (but a regular road, not a Cormac-McCarthy style one). She enjoys the fantasy, young adult, and science fictions, English television programming, music and pretending to be a super-powered assassin spy. You should definitely ask her about the time she peed in a cup on the side of a highway while innocent deer peered at her through the gathering gloom (shortly after vomiting out of a car window). These events are notable in that they took place in total sobriety. It was deliciously embarrassing.


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