Becky Bain grew up on Long Island and fortunately survived her stay there without acquiring an accent (but she can wing it on demand). A USC film school grad, Becky has written for Nsite Boston magazine, comedy site Mad Atoms, and is the writer/editor of pop music blog dolator. She has had many silly things she worked very hard on produced by the likes of Broadcaster News, E!, and Fox. Becky formed musical improv troupe Malignant Humor and all-female improv troupe M.R.S. Degree before joining the UCB crew in 2006. She is currently on Maude Team Hot Mess, and can typically be seen doing something her mother would approve of in Dirtiest Sketch, Let's Do This, and CDR Sketch. (Her mom has a good sense of humor.) When she's not writing or performing, Becky is trying not to get killed playing roller derby.


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