Blake Walker originated in Texas, but was made bratty by the Army during his formative years. After graduating from Southern Methodist University (he's not a Methodist) with a degree in theatre (a.k.a. what am I doing?) he came to Los Angeles and poceeded to take improv and sketch classes around town. He started learning from the folks at UCB back in 2006 and has participated in multiple shows at the UCB theatre including Not Too Shabby, Sketch Cram, Maude Night, Cage Match and Prom Night. In 2007 and 2008 he had the opportunity to play with the first all-male improv team, Title IX, in the Del Close Marathon which takes place annually in New York City. Currently, Blake can be seen performing periodically with his three man improv group Riverboat Gamblers, who just happen to be coming up on their two year anniversary of playing together as a team! Other similar but different endeavors include his pretentious music and pop culture podcast The Bit Parade Show which he used to produce and collaborated on with fellow Maude Team teammate Erin Gibson. Blake is thrilled to be in such good company with his Maude Team Extreme Tambourine which you can see perform each month at the UCB Theatre. He loves his mom.


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