Megan Maes is an actress, singer, tap dancer, improviser,and writer (IN THAT ORDER) based in New York City. She has been studying improv and sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre since 2006. Megan proudly holds both a BA in Acting from California State University, Fullerton and old cast member nametags from Disneyland. Megan can currently be seen at UCB in NEWSADOOZIES: A Man-Eating Musical and performs weekly at The PIT with musical house team EAST SIDE ORPHAN RIOT. She also performs with Baby Wants CandyTourCo and musical improv duo WARBUCKS (with her fellow Brooklyn-ite Lauren Adams). Past UCB shows include The Bachelor: Romance, Roses, and Romance, The Evente, and Wildhorn! Past groups include Harvey, Zamboni!, and The Parmesan School of Modeling. You can also catch Megan online on the Dr. Coolsex YouTube channel,, several internet commercials, and as a mic'd waitress on every episode of the second season of Food Network's 24 Hour Restaurant Battle. Look for Megan in the upcoming D.L. Hughley special for Comedy Central, along with the web series Quest for an Unknown Planet. You can also Where's Waldo her in Morgan Spurlock's MANSOME as well as Broad City, It Gets Betterish, Trapped in the 80's, The Kindly Midwesterner, What I Wish I Did at Auditions and Shannon O'Neill is...Teaching Improv. Megan would tell you that she's an agent for Improv Everywhere, but then she would have to kill you. If she's not distracted by her love affair with Haribo. Follow her love/hate relationship with Smash on Twitter: @themeganmaes


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