Carla Snowden has been performing at the UCB Theatre since 2006. She studied acting at Columbia College of Chicago, improvisation at UCBTLA and IO West, and sketch comedy at The Second City Training Center, Los Angeles. Her two woman sketch group, "The Printers' Daughters", premiered their show, Open Wombs, at UCB in 2006 and went on to perform at UCB Best of Sketch!, LA Fest of Sketch, and San Francisco Sketchfest. Carla coaches the improv team, "Ladies and Gentlemen" (The Westside Eclectic) and directs the improvised Chekhov play, The Mighty Stumps (IO West). She performed at the Del Close Marathon with UCBTLA Harold Team, "MacGuffin", and was recently placed on one of five new Maude Teams to debut at UCB in the spring of 2008. Other festivals with various improv teams include Out of Bounds (Austin, TX), Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival, The San Francisco Improv Festival and Phoenix Improv Festival. Carla recently returned from a tour performing sketch comedy on a cruise ship with The Second City.


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