Taylor Orci has been hanging around UCB since Obama's first presidential term and has made a lot of friends and done a lot of stuff. Taylor performed in the CBS Diversity Showcase, has been on Adult Swim, Comedy Central's KROLL SHOW, and wrote and acted in her own series BROKEN PEOPLE on Comedy Central's digital platform. She's written for Elle, McSweeney's, Cosmopolitan (which she still can't outright spell), and has been a fill-in host for KPCC, where she stepped in poop right before covering the 2017 Women's March live. Her digital short, BITCHY RESTING FACE, became Immortal on FUNNY OR DIE in two days, and currently has over 7 million views on YouTube. She's also written for shows on FOX and MTV. She's directed shorts for FUNNY OR DIE. She also writes and performs at this theater. She currently has a project in development about one of the worst things that's ever happened to her--but funny. Comedy! It's big right now!

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