John Dardenne is an actor, comedian, and writer. At UCBTLA he improvises with the Mess Hall team "Payday" and wrote and performed sketches for the Maude Team "The Mess." He's written jokes for Wanda Sykes on FOX & NBC and wrote the web series "Fresh Perspectives" for SNL’s Beck Bennett. His comedy sketches have been featured on CNN,, Huffington Post, and Telegraph UK. He's acted in over 30 commercials for brands like Nintendo, Comcast, Digiorno, NFL, Volkswagen, 76, & Sonos. He produced and hosted Nice Show! stand up at The Hayworth. UCBTLA credits: LONG HARD IMPROV JAM (guest host), MAUDE NIGHT, MESS HALL, SUPERTEAM, GOOD NEIGHBOR LIVE!, THE RETURN OF GOOD NEIGHBOR, LET’S DO THIS!, COOL SHIT/WEIRD SHIT, MESS HALL TAKES OVER, CAGEMATCH, & BETTER MOVIES WITH TOMMY WISEAU.


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