This headshot is the Frenchest the half of Alexia that is French has ever looked and she can only imagine her French ancestors all giving it a big "pas mal *shrug*" from French Heaven, which is basically a cheese shop where they allow you to smoke and no one talks about the 2006 World Cup. Alexia is overjoyed to be part of her Maude team, The Audacity! When she isn't with these guys, she's writing/performing sketch with her team 'Small Dinosaurs'. Some of her previous credits include gun-slinging Pearl Starr on Hulu's western-improv-comedy, "QUICK DRAW", Alex on the Mark Cuban backed web series, "The Vault", and "The Real Housewives of Shakespeare", which she wrote and starred in as Gertrude (Hamlet) and was recently featured at the Burbank Film Festival. Alexia has also done content for Pop Sugar, HelloGiggles, and SMOSH. She is a proud UCSB alumna and left a piece of her heart in a pile of leftover Freebirds nachos.

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