Chris Kelly is currently in his third season as a staff writer for "Saturday Night Live" and is a writer and consulting producer on Comedy Central's upcoming Broad City. Previously, he was a staff writer and director at "Funny or Die" and "The Onion News Network", the latter of which won the 2009 Peabody Award. He was also Head Writer for Matt Besser's Comedy Central special "This Show Will Get You High" in 2010. Currently at UCBNY, Chris performs his storytelling show "Chris Kelly: America's Princess Diana", and before that, wrote, directed and starred in the dark sketch play, "OH MY GOD, I HEARD YOU'RE DYING!" He's also been on various Maude Teams as both a writer and actor, including STONE COLD FOX, 27 KIDNEYS and THUNDER GULCH, and is a frequent monologist at ASSSSCAT in both NYC and LA. Finally, Chris loves his mother and hates high-fives. Twitter: @imchriskelly


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