Michael Delaney has been a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater since it’s inception in 1998 where he has performed, written and directed countless scripted and improvised shows. Current running shows include The Swarm, The Stepfathers and Gravid Water. Acting: The Mr. Show Experience, Veep, The Other Guys, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Onion Movie, Onion News Network, SNL, Human Giant, Will Ferrell’s You’re Welcome America, A Final Night With George W. Bush on Broadway, regular performer on Late Night With Conan O'Brien 1999 - 2009. Directing: Maude Night, Brian McCann's Leisure Hour, Small Men, Rode Hard and Put Away Wet, Naked Babies - Emotional Stuntmen, Respecto Montalban, & Gosforth's Fete at the Atlantic Theater. Former artistic director and current senior instructor in sketch writing and improvisation at UCB NY, adjunct Columbia U. film dept.

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