Theresa Bova has been doing improv for three years. At 17 years old, she performed at the Del Close Marathon with her stellar team, CopyrightFlop, who returned the next year. They are one of the original improv teams from CYHS improv. With her coaches, Amey Goerlich and Ben Hodge, she performed at a monthly long form show and traveled to New York to do workshops and perform. She decided to move to New York City six days after High School graduation. She has completed 2 levels of the UCB curriculum. She is also a producer for the Indie Cage Match at UCB EAST. Theresa would like to know who invented the "fresh laundry" candle sent, because they should just do their real laundry. Also does anyone else flip out when their name is used in an improv show? Cause I do. I mean, cause Theresa does.