I seek to radiate the joy that makes my heart sing. Look first for truth and you will see how funny it all is, if you distract yourself with jokes, soon nothing will have meaning. // Comedy in Truth // Theresa Bova is weird. She had it all, a perfect apartment, a cool job as a pizza line cook, a blossoming adventure in NYC Comedy. She had been doing improv during highschool and was on track to be a success. With three DCM's under her belt, she could see the future clearly; it was full of laughter. She was thriving, doing standup, taking classes, exploring! At 18, she had a whole life planned and it looked so cool. However, blame it on the empty-forever-empty of life, but it wasn't enough. None of it. It was all empty.The bright city lights go out and the crowd leaves and we are alone. Due to this realization, Theresa left NYC and is now studying Truth at a small college. She is funnier than ever, bringing joy to those in darkness and truth to those who are hurting. Don't be afraid! Comedy isn't enough, and that's ok! If you would like to hear more from me, listen to my podcast, Greater Things Ahead. I talk about life and pain, where we get our strength and what lies beyond the veil of life's distractions. My role models are the unmatchable Joel Hodgson, the powerful Fulton Sheen, and your mom.