I am an actor who cannot remember two lines of dialogue in a row, thus thrusting myself into the world of improv for the last 25 years. After graduating from Wesleyan University with a degree with Honors in Theatre, I moved to Washington, DC, where I co-founded the Washington Improv Theater Training Program in 2000. During my time there, I grew the company from 10 registrations to 1,500 registrations annually. I have taught thousands of improvisers at every level of experience and coached more than 100 ensembles. I'm an award-winning improviser who has worked in 42 different improv formats, from short form to the improvised DC Video Neutrino Project, where scenes are filmed outside of the theater and relayed back to be watched by a live audience. He currently performs in The Topher & Joe Show, Werewolf, Dr. Fantastic, Chinese Menu, The Bad Dudes Club and Country Music All-Stars. Former students of mine include currently appear on TBS’s Ground Floor and Fox’s Mulaney and write for NBC’s Saturday Night Live. I executive produced the talk show The Charlie Visconage Show and I've produced, written and performed in eight improvised short films with WITfilms, including the 48 Hour Film Project National HD Challenge winner Multiverse in 2006.