Harrison Brown is a crowd energizing comedian based in Los Angeles. Harrison has performed and written for various shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre such as Cagematch, Harold Night, Maude Night, Sketch Cram, Hittin' The Bottle, This Seat's Taken, and more. Harrison has opened for Drew Carey and The Midnight Show across the country, as well as Drew Carey's Improvaganza in Vegas. Harrison has appeared in Reno 911, Players, Sarah Silverman Program, The Daily Habit, Dork Fork and various national commercials. Harrison is currently creating a web series as he rides his bicycle from Alaska to Florida. You can follow his travels at www.bikingintotheworld.com Harrison is the host of the weekly sold-out UCB Cagematch, the toughest improv competition in town. Harrison also co-founded TNT: Tuesday Night Thunder, the original venue for Indie Improv in Los Angeles. Join him as he co-hosts the TNT Jam every Tuesday night!


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